Worried About Windows 10 Phoning Home With Personal Data? Shut Down What You Share

With Microsoft’s recent announcement that over 75 million installs are now out in the wild for Windows 10, it’s obvious the company’s plan is beginning to work. Microsoft has been on a mission with Windows 10, in an effort get as many users as possible migrated to their new OS and achieve such critical mass that the developer and ecosystem partner community comes running to build apps and products in support of the platform. In addition to significantly expanding the Windows 10 footprint, some have argued that Windows 10 is a massive data collection tool for Microsoft as well, cleverly disguised as experiential and usage model feedback, being transmitted to Redmond to help improve the product. Some users have even gone so far as to claim Windows 10 keylogs what you type and sends it back to Microsoft servers, with your machine ID in tow, every 30 minutes. Further still, it has been claimed that torrent users and tracker sites are being targeted by Microsoft (for pirated software) as well, and at least one of these sites have banned Windows 10 users altogether as a result.

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Reem Nori

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