Scientists discover new rat species with extra long pubic hair



Every creature, great and small, is special in its own particular way. And in the case of the recently discovered hog-nosed shrew rat, that just happens to be extra long pubic hair.

Discovered by an international team of researchers on the remote, mountainous north peninsula of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, the new species of carnivorous rodent was previously unknown to science.

The hog-nosed shrew rat was found in a trap on Mount Dako in early 2013, mammalogist Kevin Rowe of Museum Victoria told Mashable Australia. Even at first glance, Rowe said he knew the creature was something new. Besides its big, hog-like nose, long hind legs, flappy ears and stocky body, it also has “very long urogenital hairs” or pubic hair Read more…

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