San Francisco will ban drones for Fleet Week



Fly your drone at San Francisco’s Fleet Week festivities, face a fine of up to $ 10,000.

In other words, don’t fly a drone at the Fleet Week.

The San Francisco Police Department and the FAA will establish a “No Drone Zone” within five nautical miles of the center point of the city’s Fleet Week air show, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The No Drone Zone will be established Thursday through Sunday during the day, with offenders facing a fine up to $ 10,000.

The Fleet Week event celebrates the U.S.’s armed forces, with a three-day long air show as the centerpiece of the festivities. Drones — or perhaps more accurately, a small group of logic-challenged pilots and their drones — have made headlines recently for interfering dangerously with commercial airliners and forest fire fighting. Read more…

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