Ken Jeong bursts through a hair salon wall in bizarre smartphone game ad



Ken Jeong definitely knows how to make an entrance. In a breakout role in The Hangover, Jeong memorably leaps from a car trunk stark naked, madly flailing a crowbar. After that part, Jeong burst onto the comedy scene with a cast-member spot on NBC’s Community and turns in several blockbuster movies.

So it’s only fitting that the doctor-turned-actor makes his appearance in a new commercial for smartphone game Cookie Jam by barging Kool-Aid man-style through a wall into a hair salon clad in a cookie costume

None of the salon’s three customers — one of whom is inexplicably playing a recorder — are all that surprised by his entrance, and Jeong seems nonchalant, even bored, with the whole ordeal. Read more…

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Reem Nori

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