In search for refugees in Croatia, I found heartache



Zagreb and Harmica, CROATIA — Twenty four years ago, Mario Mazar arrived in Zagreb as a refugee fleeing Vukovar during the Balkan War. That’s why he knows the recent refugee crisis in Europe is neither a European nor a Croatian problem

“It’s a world problem,” he says as he drives his cab through the streets of Zagreb, adding there’s nothing the Croatian Government alone can do to stop the situation. “We can give them water and food. We must do that. But how will that change their future?”

In the last few days, the refugees arriving in Croatia after they saw their path into Hungary blocked by a razor wire fence, were welcomed in the Hotel Porin and the Velesajam building in Zagreb where Red Cross volunteers, doctors and nurses worked around-the-clock to support them, handing out cookies, bottles of water and sugary juices Read more…

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