A new dynasty began in the latest episode of ‘Empire’



    Cookie Lyon, meet your newest nemesis: Thurston “Thirsty” Rawlings

    Played by The Wire vet Andre Royo, Rawlings is a fast-talking lawyer who schmoozes his way into Lucious’ defense team. He’s slick, always in a colorful suit and is absolutely, unequivocally not to be messed with. Though he says he’s not afraid to play dirty at the start of this episode, he really proves it by the end. Highly connected, manipulative and violent, he’s a dream come true for Lucious, but a nightmare for anyone who crosses him

    The episode started off a bit slowly, with Cookie, Andre and Hakeem strolling out of Empire with a box full of belongings. It’s time for the trio to regroup and figure out how to be competitive with Jamal and Co Read more…

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