16 Christmas gifts for everyone in the office from the working mom to the workaholic



Giving work associates gifts this year?

Go beyond a “World’s Greatest Boss” mug and consider your colleagues’ personality types. Are they overworked? The office caretaker? A commuter? Putting a little thought into a simple gift can go a long way – and maybe even make the office a little more enjoyable.

1. Working Mom Under $ 25: Wonder Woman print

Moms who work at the office and at home never really get a day off. Remind her that she really is Wonder Woman with a superhero print on a vintage dictionary book page. Image is 8×10. From Patrician Prints on Etsy. $ 10

Wonder Woman print

Over $ 25: Cotton wrap

Just because she’s a mom, doesn’t mean she’s frumpy. This 84 inch by 27 inch cotton wrap will keep off the office chill. From Territory. $ 119 Read more…

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